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The reason that Transportation Components is able to offer original parts at competitive prices is that we effectively shorten the supply chain between our OEMs and the end-user. In the mainstream parts supply chain, there are a number of separate businesses involved. With Transportation Components, the difference is that the company can supply directly from premier international OEMs such as Borg Warner, Behr and Duroline, thereby avoiding intermediary costs, while still retaining all the original warranties and excellent after-sales support.

As we are therefore very much the representative and ‘face’ of our OEMs to the local aftermarket sector, we take responsibility for ensuring our customer’s satisfaction, expediting any warranty claims or issues, and effectively providing customers with the shortest possible route to the OEM.

Currently, our key business categories and product / parts portfolio comprise:

  • Cooling (Behr, Borg Warner, Fan Market, Kit Masters)
  • Suspension (SEM Lastik Rubber-Metal Parts)
  • Friction material/brakes (Duroline, Eren)
  • Clutch systems (Eaton, Hammer)

In each of the above categories, the OEMs which Transportation Components represents offer products at varying, competitive price points in the market. However, each of these components is a premium product in its range.

Through the range of superior quality aftermarket components which we offer to the heavy transportation sector, our ‘components roadmap’ – if followed – ensures many trouble-free years of fleet ownership, at the lowest possible cost-per-kilometre for our customers.

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