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Exchange - Remanufacture - Restore

Transportation Components exchange parts have been meticulously reconditioned and restored to a standard which matches that of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. Transportation Components’ extensive inventory of these components is available for the vast majority of heavy and commercial transport vehicles on South Africa's roads.

Fitting a Transportation Components exchange part gives those involved in owning, operating or maintaining heavy vehicle fleets all the benefits of an OEM part - at a considerably reduced cost, but still with the same 12-month warranty and peace of mind.

Why fit Transportation Components exchange parts?

  • Cost-effectiveness and quality

Transportation Components exchange parts are a cost-effective and quality alternative to purchasing OEM parts for vehicles which are five years or older, and therefore out of warranty.

Our exchange parts will extend the operating life of your truck or bus while maintaining their resale value.

  • Safety all the way

Apart from the very understandable concerns about budget and quality, safety is of course also a key concern of all fleet owners and operators. When it comes to safety-critical components such as brake parts, Transportation Components exchange parts will ensure the highest levels of safety.

What exactly is a Transportation Components exchange part?

Transportation Components exchange parts have been in service previously, but have been remanufactured and quality-tested by Transportation Components to ensure they are good enough to be fitted to your vehicle.

  • During remanufacturing, we try to re-use as much of the original component as possible. Transportation Components rebuilds parts to a technical specification which matches that of the OEM.
  • With Transportation Components stringent quality requirements, our exchange parts offer customers optimal levels of uptime, safety, reliability and performance.

How does the exchange work?

  • After a brief inspection to ensure the viability and re-usability of your part, we will do a part-for-part exchange and will accept your core part.
  • If your pre-owned part is suitable, you will be able to buy a reconditioned exchange part at a retail price which is considerably lower than the price you would pay for an OEM component.
  • Your pre-owned part will then be remanufactured by Transportation Components.
  • We recommend that you have your exchange part fitted by an accredited service centre or a qualified technician. A record of these procedures will help maintain the resale value of your vehicle.


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